Hello World! - As every programmer get started by writing this, I can assume that every blog should have something similar.

It was hard … :), like any beginning, but writing these 2 words apart - doesn’t really add much value, so let me continue here with another thing, which made my coding days sad for too long.

After upgrading my workstation, in late 2012, to the brand new Macbook Pro with retina display - I got light and thin unibody with greatest screen I ever seen before. Bright and clear fonts made me happy but there was 1 big issue I’ve mentioned in Jetbrains IDEs, I was (and still) using for coding - the caret was too bold for me. It was disturbing my eyes for about two years, while waiting for some settings options become available - no luck, so I decided to fix it by myself. It was probably most productive and useful few hours in my live :), and after lunch - I got new ThinCaret IDEA plugin ready for use:

Thin Caret within plugin code

Most useful things are usually not so hard to build, don’t wait - Action!