If you care about self improvement and performance, you want to Get the Things Done and Data, or any other, Science - is you passion - then we share same values.

My name is Vadim Vasciuc and I am a software engineer based in Chisinau, Moldova, working hard on solving mostly dark-side - backend software, DevOps, data and knowledge problems, appeared while making company’s dreams come true :).

Here are few lines I value and trying to follow in may daily activities:

  • Rely on your habits, not will power
  • Be a “no-ego” doer (Buffer.com)
  • Keep it simple, stupid
  • Leadership is new management
  • Everything is possible!
  • Do what you love, and love what you do!

This blog should become my contribution and Thank You to all open-minded people are sharing their knowledge online. I’m going to write here about technologies and things I’m still learning or trying to understand better, or just interesting stuff worth taking a note.

If you found something useful here - just leave a comment, Share it, Follow or let me know any other way you’re comfortable with.

PS: If you are a part of a team can make me feel most incompetent and stupid member - please call me! (find me on LinkedIn)