• How to test a TypeScript API for Breaking Changes

    A public API is a contract with its consumers, so API developers will (usually) care about breaking it. Here is a simple setup for TypeScript that will help you detect those cases while developing your project, so you know you have to bump your API major version number.
  • Generic Functional Programming with TypeScript

    … or “FP to the Max with TypeScript”. Inspired by amazing FP to the Max video by John A De Goes here I’m going to replicate the result John obtained using TypeScript and try get as close as possible to build a simple game application using generic functional programming style.
  • Type-Safe Node.js app configuration with Docker secrets

    Most of the apps, especially those dealing with external world need some configuration in order to work properly. As it may run in different environments it is not possible to provide those at compile time to ensure type safety, but we may use libraries like typematcher there. In this post I’ll go through the process of configuring a nodejs application in a type-safe manner and running it as docker swarm service.
  • Pattern matching for TypeScript

    One of widely used functional programming feature is pattern matching. Unfortunately there is no language support for it yet in TypeScript - that’s when libraries comes to rescue and this is my take on it.
  • Running akka cluster on docker swarm

    Benefits of running an akka cluster are not so obvious while your app is stateless, you just run as many instances as you want and balance the traffic between them, but once state comes in - clustering can really help you solve various problems.
  • Docker deployments with zero downtime

    The swarm mode with docker service command introduced in version 1.12.0 aims to be a good tool for scaling your application and one of the nice feature promised is zero downtime deployments, which I’m going to try in this post.
  • Reactive traffic lights

    Reactive Programming is gaining momentum these days and here is my minimal contribution to get more people interested, which hopefully will rise average software products quality in “The Industry”. This is part 1 of “Reactive traffic lights” series where I’m going to build automated traffic lights using RxJs.
  • Thin Caret plugin for Intellij IDEA

    Hello World! - As every programmer get started by writing this, I can assume that every blog should have something similar. It was hard … :), like any beginning, but writing these 2 words apart - doesn’t really add much value, so let me continue here with another thing, which made my coding days sad for too long.

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